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Faith Word Bible Fellowship
About Us

Our Staff

J.B. Horton, D.Min., Pastor
Dinah Horton, D.Sc.B.S., First Lady

Associate Ministers
Andrew Hamilton, III
Jessie Mosby
DeMarcus Williams
Sharla Williams

Reliford Jones

4900 Wichita Street
Fort Worth, TX 76119
Our purpose is to learn to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind and to love other; to gather the lost through evangelism; to grow them through solid biblical teaching; and to graduate them to discipleship for the Kingdom of God.
Our Purpose Statement:
To love Jesus Christ and to bring others to membership in His family so that they may be trained and equipped to magnify His name in the world.
Our Five Purposes:
  1.  Evangelism
  2.  Worship
  3.  Fellowship
  4.  Edification
  5.  Ministry
  • Gathering (membership/together)
  • Growing (maturing)
  • Giving (ministry)
  • Going (missions/evangelism)
To establish churches where hurting, hopeless, and helpless people can find healing, hope, and help through encouragement, love, and guidance.  (Leaders Building People)
To share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the communities of this city through the process of GATHERING, GROWING, AND GRADUATING people of all persuasions.

THE BIBLE - We believe that the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is inspired by God, so that it is infallible in the original manuscripts and  preserved by God in its verbal and plenary inspiration, so that it is a divinely authoritative standard for every age and every life. 

GOD - We believe in one God that eternally exists and reveals Himself in three persons - Father, Son, Holy Spirit - having each the same nature, attributes and perfections, worthy of the same worship and confidence.